About Us And What We Do

Determining your place in society can sometimes be difficult. Proper guidance coupled with encouragement can often times be the difference between establishing goals and achieving them, as opposed to setting a goal and not knowing what to do next. Founded in 2011, Atlprojects primary mission is to empower teens ages 15-19 to be leaders and prepare them for a successful future. Whether kids come to Atlprojects looking to explore their interests, or for support in navigating educational challenges, Atlprojects is committed to nurturing the roots for their success.

Realizing that a single experience can change a teen’s life forever, Atlprojects provides a unique experience for 50 inner-city teens (25 boys and 25 girls) in Atlanta, Georgia. We foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices, and to create their own opportunities for success. Our desire is to provide the building blocks that will help develop and/or maintain social & academic skills and self-esteem so that they can one day be a role model and one day pay it forward.


According to Merriam-Webster, an educator is defined as one who is skilled in teaching. ATLprojects would like to add that it is one of the noblest professions. ATLprojects is an organization that recognizes the dedication and sacrifices that educators make on a daily basis. We understand that there is no monetary amount that can commensurate you for services rendered, and in some instances, in our opinion, educators may not be shown appreciation on a regular basis for the unlimited amount of effort put in on a daily basis.

To show our love, support, and admiration for teachers in the beautiful city of Atlanta, we want to say thank you in tangible way. ATLprojects will select 10 schools each semester, and give away one $100 gift card per school, to be presented to a random teacher by the principal of the school. ATLprojects will also select 10 schools each semester to be the recipients of a catered lunch for the entire faculty and staff.


ATLprojects participants learn that having an education is a good thing and can be a vehicle for far-reaching success. The overarching goal of ATLprojects is to help young men and women of South Atlanta feel proud about themselves, their families, and their communities. Our programming has three components: Academic Rigor and Success, Leadership Skill Development, and Exposure to the world that is waiting for them to make a difference.

ATLprojects exposes teens to life outside of the immediate reach of their neighborhoods, yet promotes extraordinary pride in their communities. We encourage students to develop strong, positive and healthy functioning identities through experiences that spark the imagination and foster ingenuity.